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How to use the Expert Options Demo Account? – On this page I will show you how to sign up and use the trading platform. Find out why you should use the virtual account and get information about the company Expert Option.

Expert Option Demo Trading


The Expert Options is one of the new classes of Binary Option Brokers that came into the market in 2014. Expert Options was established with a single goal of what the pioneers wanted to achieve, and they knew how to make that sole dream come true. Different professional expert traders manage the company. To get in more traders on board, the company had to make provision of some useful tools and features that are free of charge which is made available on the demo account plus other great deals.

The platform requires a low deposit on the real trading account, which is made available on several devices. On the platform, there is a quick feature where trades can be copied and used to form a new strategy. The Expert Options demo account is the most fascinating and interesting. In addition, the company is fully regulated by the VFSC and provides high security.

Facts about Expert Option:

  • International and regulated company since 2014
  • Trade more than 100 different markets
  • High yield of 92%+
  • Free demo account
  • Low minimum deposit

The demo account is an important feature of Expert Option

The Expert Option demo account can be used to freely learn how to start a trade and become an expert in Digital Options trading. The Expert Options demo account offers $10,000 virtual money for users to invest. The demo account platform is just precisely how it is in real life trading having current market quotes in trading investment income. Anyone of legal age and interested in Digital Options trading is free to access the Experts Option demo account.

This is the only way to test running the Expert Options market. There are different accounts on the Experts Options platform, and the demo account has all the features that are on all the accounts. In this way, trading on the demo account gets the user acquainted with other account characteristics. The demo account creates a path into the Digital Options market and access to the trading world in general. Read on to the reviews and see the reports on how educational the trading tools are. It gives an idea of how the profits made will be on live trading.

Facts about the demo account: 

  • Filled up with 10,000$
  • Free and unlimited
  • Simulate real money trading
  • Learn how to trade and develope new strategies

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1. Open the Expert Option Demo Account

Do you feel like getting started? You can start by registering a free demo account on the platform. Note that the demo account is unlimited and set up with free virtual funds. Get it done and start your journey to learn about the platform. On the page, your free access to tools that will support your learning. Beginners are advised to create their plan of trading on the demo account. One vital thing is that even professional traders on Expert Options can further blend and upgrade their skills for free on the demo account platform.

Get direct access to the platform by using the form below: 

Unlike other kinds of brokers, the Expert Options does not bore you with a form to fill and no document of any kind to send. This feature is tagged as transparent trading just as you go on a click. This saves your time and looks cool. You don’t need to get scared about being logged out, the browser saves and remembers your cookies with which you can always continue trading anytime with your developed strategies. Don’t forget that the demo account and real trading account are the same. The only difference is the method or psychology of trading. On the live account, you may be scared of losing your funds, but on the demo account, you can never think of losing. It’s a win-win strategy without losing.

2. How to make use of the Expert Option Demo Account

The Expert Option demo account is very essential to users onboard. The demo account gives access to studying the broker’s trading program without losing any money. The platform has developed its features to help you function actively and master the accounts before trying to invest real cash into it. The platform is simple to comprehend, and you don’t have to stress hard to figure out the functions and features.

It serves as a learning platform or tool to beginners in the Digital Options trading to understand and gain good skills before switching to the live trade. To assist any user in mastering the binary options trading, there is a set of educational tools made available on the website in the form of video tutorials. There are several advantages to having the demo account. Keep reading on to get some of the advantages.

Overview about order placement: 

  • Amount: You can choose the investment amount for the order. It is possible to start with 1$
  • Strike rate: This is the actual price of the markets. If you open the position it will e you entry point of the order.
  • Sell or buy: You can bet on rising or falling markets. You see the rate of return which can be up to 92%+.
  • Expiry Time: Before you start trading you have to choose the expiry time. The order will be closed automatically and you will see the result. Win or lose the trade.

Furthermore, note that the Expert Option demo account is very easy to access. One impressive thing about the demo account is that you don’t need to register on it before you can access it. Also, no need for an initial deposit. All you have to do is tour the site, and with one click, you will have an automatic deposit of $1000 on your demo account. The money will be shown on your trading screen.

Some of the trading strategies for achieving success on the platform are outlined. No professional trader that has not gone through the rudiment or blueprint before getting the skills for trading on the platform. Users have to go through the blueprint to develop their strategies. Though this depends on how a user sees the different aspects that influence the trade. The following are some ways or strategies to using the Expert Options demo account.

Cash Management:

This means controlling how you make use of any deposit meant for trading. There should be an equal balance between the risk in trading and the money utilized for staking. When a strategy seems to be working, make optimum use of it. While searching for suitable strategies, manage the amount you are staking. As soon as a pattern is discovered, make use of the compounding feature to make the best of it.

Forecasting Strategies:

Backups stop at this point. Every trader should understand that forecasting and analysis are the engines of Binary Options trading. Technical reports and general performance and analysis are the two patterns used in making a forecast. The technical report is based on understanding previous trading events, analyzing past financial markets, and past strategy used. While the general performance analysis is about the performance of the setup attached to the livestock a user is trading.

Why you should use the Expert Option Demo Account:

The Expert Options is free for anyone that wants to register and start learning its features. Free tools and access free to the educational center for all. Beginners are free to test their strategies and make it big on the platform without touching a dime from their wallet. All features and functions are made available for free.

Switching over to the real account from the demo account is free too. One would only need to fund the live trading account when switching over. Both platforms (demo and live accounts) are free to operate. The Expert Options web-based platform is user-friendly. It can also be referred to as the online trading center. One does not need to become a professional trader before attempting to trade. Tradable assets are made available right on the first click on the option demo account (4)

Professional education center

Which conditions are available for new traders?

It should be noted that there are over 100s of ready assets for cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, and currencies to trade on. On can easily organize the expiration time of trading before starting the trade. This depends on the trading assets’ analysis. In the demo trading platform, one will get several toolbars for trading.

Language is not a barrier as there are over 15 different languages to help users smoothly set up trading in their respectful countries. Trading news is daily uploaded to make trading easy and flexible for traders. The trading news can be reached in the analytic section. There are enough trading tools such as technical analysis, glossary, videos, technical analysis, and trading strategies made available, all for option demo account

Assets and markets

The mobile app can be downloaded on a mobile device from the website for free. At the finance part, one can make a choice of the kind of account to trade on. This feature is made available on the demo account. Trade deals are shown on the deals bar. According to the current market analysis, users can set their trading trends. The Expert Options has a crypto wallet that can be used to store cryptocurrencies for every transaction made on the platform.

Furthermore, one can see all the social traders that are currently trading right on the social trading bar. One can see the total open deals, opened volume, and all active traders. The live chat is available for contacting customer support on the trading platform. One can store all personal information on the platform at the profile option. All details and data remain safe and secured. Also, in the profile section, one can see the trade journal, asset chart, and trade volume.

Trading conditions: 

  • Free education and video tutorials
  • More than 100 different assets
  • Support in 15 different languages
  • Mobile trading for any device
  • Cryptocurrency exchange
  • Live chat
  • Copy Trading

Conclusion of the Expert Option Demo Account Review

According to live research and survey carried out on the demo trading account, it has been discovered that it is best for non-skillful traders. Some deals can be opened based on copied strategies from expert’s trends and asset trends. If a good time is spent on studying the assets, users can discover a pattern that will aid to open an accurate trade to make profitable deals.

There are several reviews from different traders on various platforms such as blogs, forums, and social media. Different people have their own opinions and views about the platform concerning the demo and real trading account. However, trading on the demo account until one is perfectly acquainted is recommended. It helps to improve trading. The only disadvantage of the demo account is that one cannot make withdrawals.

One of the users stated that Expert Option is a wonderful Binary Options Broker when talking about services and features that they offer. The educational center is highly profitable for newbies. The platform, Expert Option, has not been listed as a scam, going by its fame no one has made any complaint about the platform in a negative manner. So it is more legit than being thought of as a scam.

Advantages of Expert Option: 

  • Regulated and safe company
  • Free and unlimited demo account
  • Huge variety of assets
  • Yield up to 92%
  • Professional platform and fast execution

The Expert Option Demo Account should be used for training. You can earn experience with the platform and the financial markets for free.Andre Wi.Professional TraderPreviousNextRead the full Expert Option ReviewOpen your free Expert Option Demo Account

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