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How does Olymp Trade work and how to use the trading platform? – On this page, I will show you how to trade with Olymp Trade. With more than 5 years of experience in online trading, I tested the platform of Olymp Trade. You will see a full and professional step by step tutorial for trading forex and options. Inform you about the conditions and offers for traders.


In this paragraph, I will give you a brief introduction to the company’s Olymp Trade. It is an international online broker for trading different financial products like forex and options. You can invest in more than 200 different markets on the platform. The company is fully regulated by the International Financial Commission and customer funds are backed up to 20,000€.

Olymp Trade comes with a professional trading platform. New traders can start with the free demo account which is unlimited with 10,000$. If you want to trade real money you only have to invest the minimum deposit of 10$ or more. Furthermore, the conditions for trading are quite good. The return of investment is up to 92%+ and a leverage of 1:500 is available for forex. Overall, it is very easy to open an account and start online trading with a few clicks.

Advantages of Olymp Trade:

  • Regulated and safe company
  • Minimum deposit 10$
  • Free demo account
  • Trade forex and options on one platform
  • Yield up to 92%
  • Professional support
  • Userfriendly and customizable platform

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Step by step trading tutorial: How to use Olymp Trade

If you want to start trading with Olymp Trade you just have to register a free account (use the button above to get direct access). You can use the free demo account for practice or start trading with real money. Traders can decide between options trading and forex trading. Options are more popular because you can earn a high profit in a short time horizon. In the following sections, I will go more in detail.

Options and Forex Trading

First of all, you have to click on the asset symbol like EUR/USD to open the drop-down menu. There you can see the function that you can change between options and forex. Besides, there are different assets and markets where you can invest in.

How to trade Options on the platform:

Digital Options are very popular on the Olymp Trade platform. For example, if you invest 10$ you can earn up to 92% profit of it in a minimum of 60 seconds. In the next section, I will show you how to trade options correctly.

In the picture below you will see different assets for trading. Each asset got its own return of investment. The yield is depending on the asset, time and market conditions. So beware of it, because sometimes the yield can be higher or lower. Choose the asset you like to trade. There are currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities available.

Choose any asset you want to trade

The rate of return

The rate of return is very important for traders. As mentioned before the rate can vary from time to time because of the stock exchange opening and closing. The rate of return means if your trade works correctly you will earn 82% of your investment as profit. This is a very high amount but you can also lose your investment amount.

Do the analysis first

Before you start trading you should do a successful analysis of the chart to generate a forecast or trading idea of the market movement. As a trader, you have to speculate about the future of the market. Trading without analysis is like gambling in the casino. So a trader with a good analysis you got a big advantage.

Olymp Trade offers its clients a very good charting platform. You can use indicators, different chart types, or fundamental analysis like news to make your forecast of the market. In the picture below you will see the analysis options and the chart. I recommend it to create a trading strategy before you start trading with real money.

Do a analysis to generate trading ideas

Set up your trade on the Olymp Trade Platform

If you are sure in which direction you want to trade you can set up your order on the platform. It is possible to invest into rising or falling markets. Before the trade is opened you have to configure different functions (picture below). In the next section I will show you how it exactly work to open the order.

Choose the expiration time

1. Choose the expiration time

The options are limited by time. That means there is a expiration time or time horizon when the trade is finished. If the expiration time is over you will see the result of the trade. Only the price in the end of the duration of the trade matters. The price have to be below or above your entry point in order to get the high profit. You can choose any expiration time you want. Just type in the numbers. This is a big advantage compared to other brokers.

  • Options are limited by time
  • The price in the end of the duration time matters
  • The price have to be below or above the strike price to earn profit

2. Invest any amount you want

The minimum investment per trade is 1$ and the maximum investment per trade is 2,000$. The limited can be lifted up to 5,000$ by using a VIP account. In conclusion, to trade with Olymp Trade is possible for any trader. Whether you want to invest with small or big capital, this software is the right for you.

Invest money

3. Invest in falling or rising prices

Now you have to open the order in the market. You can invest in rising or falling assets with only one click. In addition, you see the strike price. This means it is your entry point for the trade. For successful trading, the price has to be below or above the strike price. It is not successful you will lose your invested money.

Trade long or short

4. Wait for the result of your trade

As mentioned before the trade is finished when the expiration time is over. There are only two scenarios for options trading. You will win the trader or you will lose the trade.

Advanced order mask for option trading

In addition, Olymp Trade offers an advanced order mask for options trading (picture below). You can open a trade at a specified price or time. This is like a limit order in forex trading. It allows you to use different strategies for the markets. You can set up the level or time, return, duration, and the amount for the trade.

Advanced ordersOpen your free account with Olymp TradeRead the full review of Olymp Trade


The difference between forex and options trading is easy to understand. With forex trading, you got no limits in case of the profit, loss, and time. For example, you buy or sell an asset and wait for the price to fall or rise to make a profit.

Forex trading on the Olymp Trade platform is leveraged trading. The maximum leverage is 1:500 and depends on the asset. For currency trading, it is important to use leverage because the price movements are very small.

Forex Trading

With forex trading, you can make an unlimited profit. Compared to options trading the price has to move very far into your forecast to make a high profit. With options trading, it is only important that the price is below or above the strike price. Nobody cares how big was the price movement.

With forex trading, you should care about it because if the price is moving further into your direction you will make more profit. You can do risk management by the take profit and stop loss. These are tools that are closing your position automatically at a certain price when the position is in profit or loss.

Facts about forex trading:

  • Unlimited profit is possible
  • No time limit
  • Leverage 1:500
  • Small order fees
  • Do risk management with stop loss and take profit

Start trading: Deposit and withdrawal

If you feel comfortable with the trading platform you can start investing real money. The minimum deposit is only 10$ and you can use different payment methods. Sometimes the payment methods are depending on your country of residence.

You can use credit cards, skrill, Neteller, bitcoin, WebMoney, and more payment methods. The biggest advantage of the broker is that there are not any fees for deposits or withdrawals. You can do it unlimited. Furthermore, the minimum withdrawal is 10$ like the minimum deposit. From my experience, Olymp Trade is a very reliable broker when it comes to money transactions.

Payment systems

For new clients it is possible to get a welcome and deposit bonus. Another big advantage is that there are no restrictions to your account balance if you take the bonus. The bonus can be up to 100%.

Conclusion: How does Olymp trade work

All in all, it is no rocket science to trade with Olymp Trade. On this page, I gave you a professional trading tutorial on how to use Olymp Trade. You should know how to open a trade correctly.

Besides, beginners can use the free demo account with virtual money. So you can practice and trade without risk. In addition, Olymp Trade offers a huge education center with strategies, analysis, market investments, and more. Live webinars are available, too.

In conclusion, Olymp Trade is by far one of the best platforms for a quick and safe investment. I recommend it to feel comfortable with the platform first before starting with real money.

Options Trading: 

  1. Make an analysis and forecast of the market movement
  2. Choose a expiration time of the order
  3. Choose your investment amount
  4. Invest in rising or falling prices
  5. Wait till the expiration time is over
  6. Earn a high profit up to 92% or lose the investment amount

Forex Trading: 

  1. Make an analysis and forecast of the market movement
  2. Choose your investment amount
  3. Use a risk limit (stop loss)
  4. Set up the target for your trade (take profit)
  5. Start trading
  6. Close the trade with profit or loss

If you searching for reliable options and forex broker, Olymp Trade is the best for you.Andre Wi.Professional TraderPreviousNextOpen your free account with Olymp TradeRead the full review of Olymp Trade

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