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How to do the first deposit on Olymp Trade? – On this page I will exactly show you how to do it. With more than 5 years experience in options trading, I tested the online broker Olymp Trade and deposited around 100$ real money into my account. In the following sections you will learn step by step how to do it and which conditions are available for Olymp Trade traders.


Olymp Trade is an international online broker for trading forex and options. The company is regulated by the international financial commission and the customers funds are backed up to 20,000€. Furthermore, Olymp Trade is a sponsor of LCR Honda team which also make a serious impression on me.

You can trade more than 200 different markets on one online platform which is available for computer or mobile devices. For options, you can get a high yield of up to 92% by investing in a certain time horizon. In addition, there is a professional support team in different languages for help. The education center and webinars are available for anybody who wants to succeed in the financial markets.

In conclusion, Olymp Trade is one of the leading online brokers at the moment. You can just sign up in a few seconds and start investing in the financial markets with a professional platform.

Facts about Olymp Trade: 

  • Regulated internation company
  • Trade more than 200 different markets
  • Free and unlimited demo account
  • Minimum deposit only 10$
  • High yield up to 92%
  • Professional support

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Step by step tutorial for the Olymp Trade deposit

In the following steps, I will show you how I did exactly my deposit on the Olymp Trade platform. Generally, it is quite easy for a professional trader to make a deposit but a lot of beginners fear to do it and want to get information about it. That is why I created this page in order to help you with your first deposit.

1. Select your payment method

First of all, you have to click on “make a deposit” and then you get to the new menu of the payment methods. Olymp Trade offers more than 10 different payment methods. It is important to know that sometimes the payment methods are depending on your country of residence. So it can happen that you will see more or fewer payment methods in your account.

Payment methods for a fast deposit

Electronic payment methods are offered for traders. That means the money is credited directly to your account balance. The minimum deposit of Olymp Trade 10$ or 10€. This is a very low amount and gives the broker a huge advantage compared to other companies. In addition, there are not any fees for your deposit. The broker will not charge any fees.

Deposit methods: 

  • Credit Cards (VISA Card/Master Card)
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • WebMoney
  • Yandex
  • Qiwi
  • ePayments
  • Bitcoin

2. Choose your deposit amount

In my case I chose the payment method neteller. It is a very good payment method because you can connect it with your bank account and send money in a few seconds internationl over the world. The minimum deposit is 10$ and for my deposit I took 100$. The is no maximum deposit limit on Olymp Trade but some payment methods got restictions. So you have to divide the payments and make several deposits.

Choose your deposit

3. Activate a bonus or not?

Olymp Trade offers a bonus for any deposit. That means you will get additional money into your account. But there are some conditions if you take the bonus. In this section I want talk about it. It is not possible to withdraw the bonus but you can take the bonus to make more profit. The profit is able to withdrawn and also you deposited money. For my deposit I did not activate the bonus.

  • The bonus can be up to 100%
  • You can not withdraw your bonus
  • You only can withdraw your profits which are made with the bonus
  • No withdrawal restrictions

4. Confirm your payment

In the picture below you will see my confirmation of the Olymp Trade deposit. You have to insert your payment details of the payment method.  After that, your money will be credited to your account balance. In my case, I inserted my Neteller account number and the Neteller Secure ID.  There are not any fees which will be charged by Olymp Trade.

Deposit confirmation

5. Check your account balance

After you paid money to Olymp Trade you will see the notification “Your payment has been processed”.


Now check your account balance. You should see that there is the deposited money into your account balance. From my experience, the electronic payment methods are instant except Bitcoin because the network need some confirmation.

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Review of the Olymp Trade VIP Accounts

If you do a deposit of 2,000$ or more you will get automatically the VIP account. The VIP account has more advantages than the regular account. I will give you a short overview of it.

VIP Account

VIP traders get better offers than regular traders. For example, the yields are much higher and up to 92%. Also, you get special bonus programs and education. In conclusion, if you want to trade professionals with Olymp Trade you should choose the VIP Account.

The advantages of the VIP account: 

  • Rate of return up to 92%
  • Maximum trade amount 5,000$
  • Personal account manager
  • Risk-free trades
  • Individual training and private webinars
  • Secret strategies
  • Trading signals
  • Exclusive events

What should you do if your deposit is not credited?

For the rare case if your deposit is not shown in your account balance you should check your payment method first. Check if the money went out of your account to Olymp Trade. If that has happened you should contact the support. The support is 24/7 active for international traders in different languages. The employees will help you very fast to find a solution.

  • Check your payment system
  • Contact the 24/7 support

What is the minimum deposit amount?

The minimum deposit amount for Olymp Trade is 10$ or 10€. This is a very low amount compared to other providers. In addition, the minimum investment amount for any transaction is 1$ or 1€. In conclusion, you can start to trade with very small amounts. If you want to try the trading platform without risk before you should open a demo account.

Conclusion: The Olymp Trade deposit is safe

On this page, I showed you how to deposit on the broker Olymp Trade. In my opinion, it is quite easy. I deposited 100$ into my real account as you saw in the pictures above. Olymp Trade uses only regulated payment methods so the money will show up to 100% in your account balance.

You can choose between more than 10 different payment methods which are depending on your country of residence. The minimum deposit is 10$ so you can start with very small amounts. Overall, Olymp Trade is one of the leading brokers of option and forex trading. You can trade with very good conditions and invest in more than 200 different markets. In addition, the average yield is very high for options trading and with the VIP account you can get even more.

It is very easy to deposit money on Olymp Trade. There are no hidden fees. If you search for a reliable broker you should choose this company. Read also my withdrawal proof.Andre Wi.Professional TraderPreviousNextOpen your free Olymp Trade accountRead the full and trusted review of Olymp Trade

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