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You are searching for an honest review of RaceOption? – Then you are completely right on this page. With more than 5 experience in trading Binary Options, I tested this Broker and give you an overview of the conditions. Also, you learn how to trade and open your account. Find out if it is really worth to invest money with this company or not.

The official homepage of the broker RaceOptionTRADING CONDITIONS90%CUSTOMER SUPPORT AND SERVICE100%BONUS PROGRAM100%


RaceOption is an international offshore Broker for Binary Options and Forex/CFD Trading. Whether you want to invest short-term or long-term into financial markets, you will find enough options on the platform. The broker RaceOptions belongs to the Race Projects LTD. I have to mention there is not a lot of information about the company.

The advantage of an offshore broker is that they accept customers from everywhere. RaceOption offers 24-hour support in different languages. In addition, they can offer special programs for their clients.  For example, you can get a high bonus and trade without verification.


Facts about the Broker:

  • RaceOption belongs to the Race Projects Ltd.
  • Offshore Broker
  • No regulation
  • Accept international customers
  • 24/7 Support in different languages

Now open your free account with RaceOption in less than 60 seconds

Review of the conditions for traders

The broker RaceOptions allows you to trade Binary Options and Forex/CFD on one platform. These are 2 different financial products. For most traders, Binary Options are more popular. The minimum deposit on the platform is 250$ and you only can get a demo account after your first deposit.

At first glance, the platform is looking very professional. You can choose long-term or short-term expiry time for binary traders. Trade currencies, stocks, cryptocurrencies or commodities with this platform. The yield is between 70% and 90%+. It depends on the traded asset class. Furthermore, the spread for Forex/CFD is low as 1 pip and the leverage can be up to 1:100.

Weekend trading is available so it is possible to trade 24/7 with this platform. If you deposit more than 250$ you can get a higher account type for more profit. Also, there is a bonus program. In conclusion, it seems that RaceOption offers all the options which a trader needs to trade successfully the financial markets.

The conditions: 

  • Minimum deposit 250$
  • Demo account only available after the first deposit
  • Trade Forex/CFD and Binary Options on one platform
  • Yield between 70% and 90%
  • Leverage up to 1:100
  • Weekend trading 24/7
  • Account types
  • Bonus program


The next step in this RaceOption review is to take a look at the trading platform. As you see in the picture below the platform is very clear and easy to use. In the next section, I will show you a step by step trading tutorial.

The platform is available for Webbrowser and Android devices. You can download the app in the google play store. Traders can change between Binary Options and CFD/Forex by only one click and analyze the markets through different chart types. The charts are provided by TradingView. This is a huge advantage compared to other brokers.

The trading platform of RaceOption

Charting an analysis

When it comes to trading successfully it is necessary to do a chart analysis to get the best entry for your trade. The RaceOption platform offers the tools of the charting service TradingView. You can use technical drawing tools and a huge range of indicators. They all what you need to do a complete technical analysis.

Another advantage of the platform is the news section. You can read the latest news and trade economic events with the calendar. Also, there is a summary of different analysis tools for you. One the one hand traders can do a fundamental analysis with this platform and on the other hand, there are enough tools for a correct technical analysis.

 Facts about the trading tools: 

  • Charts are provided by TradingView
  • Huge range of indicators and technical drawing tools
  • Market News
  • Fundamental News
  • Use different strategies

How to trade Binary Options with RaceOption:

From my experience, it is very easy to understand how it works to trade Binary Options. The financial product is so popular because of its easy and clever design. You get a limited risk and possible return of investment. Choose between different time horizons. The price has to be above or under your entry point to get the high yield of up to 90%+.

With Binary Options you can invest in rising or falling markets. In addition, no matter how strong the movement of the market is, in the end, the price of your market and entry point is important. Do a forecast of the market movement and start trading. In the picture below you will see a graphic design of the platform and I will give you a step by step tutorial.

How to trade with RaceOption

Step by step tutorial: 

  1. Choose an asset you want on the platform
  2. The yield depends on the asset class and expiry time of the trade
  3. Make your analysis and predict the future chart movement
  4. Choose the expiry time of the trade
  5. Invest in rising or falling prices
  6. Earn a high profit or lose your invested amount
  7. The price has to be below or up your entry point

Open your account with RaceOption

It is very simple to open your account with RaceOption. They accept any customers and you do not need a verification because it is an offshore broker. Just type in your real data to open the account in less than one minute. After that, you will get direct access to the trading platform and you are able to do your first deposit.

Easy and fast account openingNow open your free account with RaceOption in less than 60 seconds

RaceOption review of the deposit and withdrawal

For you deposit and withdrawal you can use different electronic payment methods. Sometimes the payment method depends on your country of residence. At the moment you can use methods like a credit card, bitcoin, perfect money, and other cryptocurrencies. The deposit proceeds directly to your account balance.

When it comes to withdrawal your money by unregulated Binary Options Brokers it is sometimes very difficult. RaceOption says that they proceed their withdrawals very quickly and in less few hours. If you choose a higher account type your payments will be processed faster. I recommend to be careful with offshore brokers and withdraw your profits directly on the platform.

RaceOption funding methods

Facts about the payments:

  • Credit Card (Master, VISA)
  • Bitcoin and more cryptocurrencies
  • Perfect Money
  • Skrill, Neteller
  • Qiwi
  • WebMoney

RaceOption Bonus Program – Get additional money

RaceOption can offer you a high bonus of up to 100% and more. The bonus amount depends on your deposit amount. Traders can choose if they use the bonus or not. It is a good way to get additional money to the account balance. Then you can trade with more risk for a higher profit.

Get a free bonus

The bonus is always linked to conditions. You can read them transparently on the platform. The client has to do a turnover of 3 times of the bonus in order for the withdrawal. So that can happen very fast if you do day trading. In addition, there are risk-free-trades. This means that you can lose one trader and you get the lost amount as bonus credited to your account balance.

Facts about the bonus program:

  • Deposit Bonus
  • Risk-Free-Trades
  • Maximal Bonus 10000$/€
  • Make a turnover of 3 times

Test of the support and service for traders

The last important point to check in this review is the customer support. RaceOption offers 24/7 support and service via live-chat. Also, there is the possibility to make phone calls to different international numbers. From my experience, chat support works very fast and professional. You will get the right answer to your questions.

Otherwise, there is a huge FAQ for your questions and you can get trading tutorials by the support. In conclusion, the big advantage of this broker is the 27/ support in different languages. Only a few brokers offer this concept.

Facts of the support: 

  • 24/7 available
  • Phone, Chat, Email
  • Video Support
  • FAQ and tutorials
  • Available in different languages

Can you trust RaceOption? – Conclusion of my Review

In the sections, before I showed you the conditions and how to trade with RaceOption. For me, it seems like a reliable provide for Forex/CFD and Binary Options Trading but I have to mention that it is an unregulated offshore company. So please be careful with your deposit and withdrawals. I recommend withdrawing your profit immediately.

On the otherhand, an offshore broker got some advantages. You can get a high bonus and start trading without verification. In conclusion, RaceOption offers all tools which a trader needs to trade successfully the markets.

The advantages of RaceOption:

 24/7 support

 Bonus Program

 Accept international traders

 Yield is up to 90%+

 Different account types with bonus and special tools

 Trade 24/7 on the platform

From my experience, reception is a good offshore broker with competitive conditions. But be careful because there is no regulation. 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)Andre Wi.Professional Binary Options TraderPreviousNextNow open your free account with RaceOption in less than 60 seconds

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